Most frequent questions and answers

The SPARC consortium consists of over 400 members — graduate students to PhD/MD-level scientists —  in universities, industry, and non-profits. We are organized as highly interactive multi-disciplinary teams around the world, managed by the NIH Common Fund’s > SPARC Working Group >.

We have three!

SPARC Science (this one) — dedicated to general announcements and breaking news.

SPARC Portal > — focused on providing data, maps, and computational resources produced by our research.

SPARC NIH > — a place for up-to-date funding opportunities.

Reach out! 

Our teams would love to potentially collaborate using SPARC developed technologies, protocols, and expertise. Please contact the leadership of each project (Project & Teams >) or the NIH SPARC Program Manager, Gene Civillico >.

Please visit the SPARC Portal > or the Resources > page. Most importantly, sign up for the mailing list > to stay up-to-date with new data, protocols, and information.

Please visit SPARC NIH > for the latest funding opportunities. 

Sign up for the mailing list > ! … announcements of new SPARC data, tools, general information, and funding opportunities in your inbox!